There is a Calamity In Progress
But, with your interest and concern, it's avoidable.

Visit the Land called HolyVisit the Land called Holy

Christians Are Fleeing the Holy Land in such numbers that soon there may be no Christians left in the Holy Land. Why is this crisis important to Christians, religious and non-religious alike? Why is this crisis is important to non-Christians? And note:  there are easy steps can we take to help. Visit us at


Christians Are Fleeing the Holy Land

"What is the Holy Land without holy people? If this emigration continues, there will be no Christians here at all."
Bishop Munib Younan (Lutheran) Jerusalem

“Unless the situation changes, Christians of the Holy Land who trace their roots back to the time of Christ, will be no more than a memory,”
Bishop Suheil Dawani (Episcopal) Jerusalem.

“The Christian presence is threatened by virtual extinction."
Latin Patriarch Fuad Twal (Catholic) Jerusalem.

We are in a crisis which has not yet been resolved since 60 years. . . Until now we have not found a way to mitigate the intensity of emigration or to stop it.
Archbishop Elias Chacour (Greek Catholic) Haifa

". . the Christian population [in the Holy Land] is down to less than two percent, and the prospect of holy sites, like Jerusalem and Bethlehem, without local Christians is looming as a real possibility."
CBS News (U.S.)

"...with time, it seems Christians are destined to effectively disappear from the region that produced the faith."
Calgary Herald (Canada)